Our Offering

ANGEL RAMOS | New York is a sartorial luxury design house based in New York, creatively directed by designer Angel Ramos since 2010. 

We believe in a world of tailoring that is timeless, creating clothing that legacies can inherit. While we call New York home, we have the privilege of working with discerning clients around the globe. 

Our handmade custom garments are typically delivered in 6-8 weeks, which includes two private fittings to ensure complete satisfaction. We provide an unparalleled level of service, communicating with and guiding our clients throughout the entire process, from consultation to delivery.

Our product line features garments that are rooted in handmade tailoring, a silhouette that is visually flattering, a softly constructed shoulder, and trousers with a higher rise and brilliant drape. 

We invite you to schedule a private fitting today.