Sartorial Minded

According to the dictionary, sartorial means “of or relating to a tailor or tailored clothes.” To ME, sartorial is the art of dressing in a tailored manner. It's the art of dressing. A sartorial-minded person is a person who dresses in a tailored manner. So when I think of sartorial, I think of the idea of having this elegant way of dressing, whether it's an overcoat or a suit or a blazer or, a sport coat.

If you think of this industry, and brands attending or showing at Pitti, it IS mostly sartorial. I wouldn't say all because again, you see a lot of circus-like stuff, but the majority of people going to Pitti Uomo are sartorial. Now there’s also a lot of people at Pitti in different buildings that have more of a utilitarian or streetwear style. Brands like Aime Leon Dore or you know, obviously Fear of God and Kith. They are finding themselves trying to do this hybrid of sartorial meets streetwear. I think some of them are doing it well. I wish more of them would do it collaborating with people actually in tailored menswear, like small brands. When you're doing it with a major player like Zegna, it kind of gets commercialized a little too much for me. And that tends to make it kind of corny.