Everything You Know about Silk is Wrong

Everything You Know about Silk is Wrong

Silk fabric has long been associated with a shiny and flashy appearance, reserved exclusively for upscale events or special occasions. However, we would like to challenge that stereotype and introduce you to its versatility and sophistication. At the forefront of our Spring and Summer collection are jackets and trousers made from woven raw silk.

I chose a very specific range of fabrics and textures for this collection, but my particular favorite is the raw silk. This fabric has a nuanced hand and appearance similar to tweed, only it’s light and breathable. Unlike typical glossy and smooth silk, our fabric provides a distinctive depth and texture that exudes elegance and practicality for warmer weather. I've always favored texture and how it can bring a solid fabric to life.” - Angel

Why choose silk? For one, it is a luxurious material that adds a refined touch to any outfit. However, silk is more than just aesthetics. It is also a robust and durable fabric that can withstand everyday wear and tear, making it an excellent investment piece for your wardrobe. Additionally, its natural moisture-wicking properties offer a comfortable and breathable feel, keeping you cool and dry even in the hottest temperatures.

We believe that silk is a crucial fabric that every man should have in his wardrobe. Our raw silk pieces allow you to appreciate the luxury and benefits of silk without sacrificing comfort or style. It is time to shift your perception of silk and discover its true potential. Trust us; you will not regret it.

Summer Tweed Glen Plaid Suit

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