18th Amendment Launches

18th Amendment Launches

A|B Expands & Rebrands to 18th Amendment

New York, New York - Angel Bespoke, a Manhattan based leading sartorial menswear brand, is evolving its business model to accommodate growth demands and provide an expanded platform for future offerings. As part of the evolution of the brand, the company name has changed from Angel Bespoke to 18th Amendment, and has launched an e-commerce platform featuring their first ever ready-to-wear collection.

“I grew up in Brooklyn and I’ve always been fascinated with the Prohibition and speakeasy era in America, which all started with the 18th Amendment,” Angel Ramos, co-founder and creative visionary of the company said of the name change. “The grit. The spirit. The style. It’s always inspired my designs.” 

While Ramos will continue in his role as Chief Creative Officer of 18th Amendment, another significant change is the arrival of serial entrepreneur Stephen Schweickart, who founded and recently sold his tech company last year after over a decade at the helm as CEO. Besides financial investment and business acumen, Schweickart brings a unique perspective to his latest business venture.

“I’ve known Angel since we played baseball together in college 20 years ago,” Schweickart notes. “I was one of his first clients and I’ve personally seen, felt and lived the transformation from not caring much about how I dressed, to always striving to be the best dressed guy in the room. It literally changes your life.” It was this personal experience, and his faith in his friend’s artistic talent, that led Schweickart to approach Ramos with the idea of becoming business partners. 

Over the next year, the plan is to release holiday and seasonal collections via the company’s new e-commerce website, while adding up to 10 clothiers and opening additional showrooms in strategic cities nationwide. Within the next three years, 18th Amendment plans to offer everything a lifestyle brand for the modern gentleman would entail, ranging from cigars to cologne.

“I’ve promised our clients and I’ll say it again, while there are a lot of things changing for the better...nothing about the service, the style, the attention or the clothes themselves will change,” says Ramos. “I’m excited Stephen’s on board. We’ve got a vision. But we’ve got time, and we’ll do this right. We’re excited. It’s going to be brilliant.”

For those interested in contacting 18th Amendment (https://eighteenthamendment.com) for a media inquiry or fitting, call 888.594.8763or email Info@EighteenthAmendment.com.


For those interested in contacting 18th Amendment (https://eighteenthamendment.com) for a media inquiry or fitting, call 888.594.8763 or email Info@EighteenthAmendment.com.
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